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DELL U4320Q - 4K monitor review


Review of the DELL UltraSharp U4320Q - 4K monitor

Published on January 27, 2020   |  Updated on November 07, 2020


Dell announced three new monitors including the Dell U4320Q 4K at the CES Las Vegas 2020. But what is this huge and original 43-inch panel worth? Here's my complete test.

This new Dell U4320Q monitor (U for UltraSharp synonymous with color accuracy at Dell, 43 for the number of inches, 20 for the year of release and Q for 4K definition), announced at the CES in Las Vegas in early 2020, belongs to the UltraSharp series so it shows some pretensions. It has a panel with the size for the least original of 43 inches displaying the UHD definition that is 3840 x 2160 pixels in the ratio 16:9. Its resolution remains therefore interesting since it is 103 ppi, roughly the same as on the 27-inch QHD displays. Its glass is matte and its panel with IPS technology (white LEDs), 10-bit Look Up Table (LUT) and sRGB gamut. A great classic in 2020... except for its immense size. The finish and ergonomics are in line with the design despite the size. Finally, we can note that this monitor has the famous USB-C connectivity, of course, but can deliver 90W from now on. It can therefore power the new 16" MacBook Pro.


In a few words...




This original huge display with a size of 43 inches is announced around $1000. For an UltraSharp of this size it's almost a feat, especially since it adds UHD to its features. And my sensor is formal: this is a very good monitor! - Read my conclusion   

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CDN$ 1,977.77



Introduction of the Dell Ultrasharp U4320Q monitor

Here are, to begin, some illustrations of this monitor with its extraordinary size, its beautiful finish like the latest Dell creations (since summer 2018) and its ergonomics despite its XXL size:

Dell UltraSahrp U4320Q   Dell U4320Q XXL size
Tilting the Dell U4320Q   Dell U4320Q Connections
  Technical specifications
  Dell U4320Q Advertised price : $1,049.99
Panel size
43 inches 16:9 - 3840 x 2160 - 103 ppi
Panel technology
IPS White LEDs (Satin glass)
  Color space 99 % sRGB measured
Brightness max
350 cd/m2
  Contrast 1000 : 1 / 673 : 1 measured at 90 cd/m2
  HDR compatibility -
Look Up Table ( LUT)
10 bits (to be confirmed)
  Response time 8 ms (Normal) - 5 ms (Fast)
Screen size / Weight
38.08 In x 9.80 In x 22.22 In (stand) - 38.80 lb
  Edge thicknesses 11 mm only!
  Calibration software No
  Connections Display Port 1.4 + HDMI 2.0 + USB-C (90W)
+ Hub USB 3.0
  VESA compatibility Yes - 200 mm
  Hood No
  Warranty 3 years - Dell USA

You'll find in the box...

The monitor is sold with :

  • The power cord... !
  • The DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable
  • The HDMI to HDMI cable
  • The USB-C to USB-C cable
  • One USB 3.0 cable to power the USB.3.0 HUB
  • Factory calibration report.

Important note! Dell displays do not have a built-in colorimeter.

This DELL U4320Q does not have a built-in colorimeter so you will have to use your own colorimeter or buy one in order to drastically reduce its basic luminance setting and color temperature that is a little too cold.

My purchasing advice: i1Display Studio or the SpyderX Pro at least.

Colormunki Display Colorimeter review


The monitor and its panel - Novelty 2020

1 - Definition/resolution - This is a new 3840 x 2160 pixel (16:9 ratio) 94.5 cm wide 4K IPS panel. Its resolution is therefore 103 ppi, which is almost identical to the resolution found on the 27-inch QHD. As one goes further, given the size of the monitor, the pixels are invisible... The backlighting is of the white LED type.

DELL U4320Q monitor - XXL size !

2 - The panel, the glass and their anti-reflective treatment - The panel, like all panels, receives an anti-reflective film which is placed between the panel and the glass. This anti-reflection film remains a little visible when you get closer to the screen, i.e. it "marks" the pixels a little, giving them a very slightly granular appearance, but who will be able to put their nose on such a panel. In practice, at a "normal" viewing distance, this anti-reflection treatment of the panel is not visible at all.
As for the glass, it is matt or satin-finished as you wish, so it is perfect to avoid reflections... which would certainly occur on such a panel!

Dell U4320Q's buttons

3 - The internal Look Up Table (LUT)

This is in 10 bits (to be confirmed). This is almost always the case on the UltraSharp series and therefore a very good point for displaying gradients in Photoshop.

4 - The gamut

It is announced at 100% of sRGB and 95% of DCI-P3. In my experience, you could tell that because UHD wide gamut panels are more expensive. I've measured it so the results are a bit lower...

Screen edge thickness

They measure 11 mm on each side. This thinness favours multi-screen but is it really necessary with such a monitor?! Having said that, when you look at this monitor from a distance - necessarily considering the size - this thinness of edge gives the feeling of almost absence. Very beautiful.

Dell U3419W Screen Edge Thicknesses

To be read! My tips for choosing your photo monitor - Updated Jan. 2020 - 8 pages  

Improved ergonomics!

The ergonomics of recent Dell displays are truly state of the art. You'll find plenty of movement on this Dell U4320Q except for the tilt in portrait mode, which offers a wide range of motion. There's nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, it's good to point it out! It is for example possible to move the screen up or down by 6 cm. The handling is also very pleasant because the movements are slowed down just enough despite the weight of the monitor

Dell U4320Q's cable grommets

The buttons on the screen menu

The buttons of the screen menu are classic, i.e. via small buttons below the screen on the right. The ON/OFF button is illuminated.


Details of the DELL U3219Q and its menu buttons

Dell U4320Q Connections

This 43" of the new Ultrasharp 2020 range has all the connectors you would expect: HDMI but in version 2.0, DisplayPort 1.4 but also the famous USB-C, so practical, especially since it is now capable of delivering 90W. So very good in 2020, at the time of the launch of this monitor


DELL U4320Q's connections



What is the Dell UltraSharp U4320Q display worth after calibration with the i1 Display Pro?

I calibrated this display - like all the displays I test - with the best current sensor at a simply excellent price/performance ratio: the i1 Display Pro+ i1Profiler software (version 1.8.3) in order to be able to locate this new panel in relation to the other displays on the market. I connected it with the HDMI to HDMI cable and then USB-C to Display Port without any change. 

I chose the following screen settings:

  • Color mode: Standard
  • Brightness: 24/26% for 90 cd/m2 target,
  • Contrast: 75%
  • Enlargement in Windows to 125% to ensure the correct software window size at the time of the uniformity test.

Dell U3419W's 90 Cd/m2 brightness setting


Essential!  Reset the monitor to factory settings AND choose your computer's generic profile before calibrating on Mac (Monitor Preferences) or sRGB on PC!


This screenshot concerns the PA24 so you will see U4320Q if you install this monitor of course.

And as target values in the i1Profiler software (1.8.3 at the time of this test) in advanced mode

  • Display technology: white LEDs,
  • D65 or possibly a little less if you want a slightly warmer screen.
  • Luminance: 90 cd/m2 for a photographer who prints or more depending on your primary use, web or video, plus in a bright room,
  • Contrast: Native,
  • Gamma: 2.2 - Standard curve,
  • ICC standard: V2 to avoid problems of incompatibility with some image viewing software (images too dark especially in Windows 10) and obviously V4 if you know what you are doing.

And the result is?

First subjective impressions after this calibration?

Even at the cardboard outlet, the panel displays neutralized gray so it can only be better after calibration but the base is "healthy".

What does the final report show after calibration:

Final report after calibrating the DELL U4320Q with the i1Display Pro

The color temperature (TC) of 6502K for 6500K target is of course perfect! The contrast, measured at 90 cd/m2 I remind you, is 673:1 and is therefore in the "normal" range of white IPS LED panels in 2019/2020 for photo rather than video use (which accommodates more contrast). Black at 0.134 cd/m2 is ideal for those who print but lacks a bit of depth for the black stripes you see when viewing a movie.

Now, let's move on to the famous Delta E after calibration according to the 2000 standard which I use for the calibration of all the monitors on this site :


Delta E after calibration of the DELL U4320Q with the i1Display Pro


The average Delta E norm 2000 is 0.79 so very good in absolute but rather standard if I look at the average of my tests. That said, if we put this monitor in its context given its size, it is rather rare to see control monitors or to share such good images with others.
The Delta E of 2.80 for the worst patch is, in absolute terms, not negligible for a high-end or Ultrasharp display but there is nothing to worry about in practice because a single patch is a bit below the overall average (see below)! Luckily, this color is not a flesh or sky color. And curiously, only this patch is really bad. All the others are in an excellent average. It is even surprising.

Note! I insist a lot on the fact that the first vocation given its size is not to do photo retouching alone but to share a monitor to work in a group and in this context, this monitor is then above average.


As on the Dell P2419H, the worst color patch is this kind of blue. Curiously, all other patches are well below 1.0 and very often close to 0.5.

Now the luminance uniformity tests:

Important! Unlike many UltraSharp displays, this Dell does not offer the Uniformity Compensation option. We will see that this is not disabling.


Luminance uniformity after calibration of the DELL U3419W


We're in 2020 standards, not overzealous! But then again, if in absolute terms it's not "incredible", what is more incredible is what we're dealing with a 43-inch panel.

... and color temperature:


Color temperature uniformity after DELL U3219Q calibration


The results are in the good average with a maximum delta e of 1.7. And in real life, it shows: the panel is very homogeneous.




  Dell Ultrasharp U4320Q  
Color fidelity 8,5/10
Panel uniformity 9,0/10
Anti-reflective coating 8,5/10
Resolution 9,5/10
Ergonomics 8,5/10
Connections 10/10
Manufacturing quality 9,5/10
Quality/Price ratio 9,5/10
  I like it very much...  
  • What a screen size! Immersion guaranteed if you use it alone and respectable size to work with several people,
  • UHD panel so the pixels are very discreet,
  • Precise enough colors,
  • Calibrates very well with the i1Display Pro or the new SpyderX Elite,
  • A panel that is truly homogeneous in luminance and colour temperature despite its size,
  • Matt glass,
  • USB-C 90W,
  • Very nice look and very good quality finish,
  • Thin edges (11 mm),
  • State-of-the-art ergonomics for a gigantic screen,
  • VESA 200 mm,
  • Announced at $1049...
  I regret...  
  • A contrast more adapted to the photo than to the video,
  • Not all colours are perfect... but so much more than the average of these huge panels!
  • "Only" sRGB but is that really a problem? I even think that this monitor is an excellent, intelligent choice.
  My overall rating...  
  8,5 / 10... to be confirmed according to price  
  My conclusion...  

It is therefore possible to work with several people on a huge panel but displaying the UHD and a matte glass with a very nice display, precise enough moreover. It is indeed not possible to note this screen only in the absolute because its XXL size will make it used in different contexts from the photographer, alone in front of his monitor in his dark room!
I am waiting to know at what price this singular screen will be sold because it has just been announced at the CES of Las Vegas in 2020 to rate it definitively but the impression is very good ...

Dell U4320Q
CDN$ 1,977.77
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