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How to calibrate an iPad, a tablet, an iPhone or a smartphone ?
Published on April 16, 2015 / Updated on October 17, 2018


Calibrate a tablet ? Calibrate a tablet ? Yes, it is possible... if they run on iOS or Android. To do this, you need a recent X-Rite calibration colorimeter because Datacolor no longer offers a solution and you need to install an application on your device, always free of charge. By 2018, there is only one at X-Rite called ColorTrue. However, is the result interesting ? That's what we're going to check out in these tests...

It is possible to calibrate your mobile devices called tablets and other smartphones if they work under iOS or Android ! More and more photographers are using them to show their work, as a business card, as a complementary tool to Photoshop... Since some tablets like the iPads use a very good IPS technology panel (so the viewing angle has very little influence on the colors and brightness of the photos), all that was missing was the ability to calibrate them. This has now been done with the  colorimeters currently sold by X-Rite, Datacolor having left this market in 2016. We will see on this page how it works in principle since a page will be reserved for the X-Rite ColorTrue. You need to download an application on your device and possibly a small software on your computer that will control the calibration tool. The procedure is also very fast and efficient. However, there is a small problem: these devices are only calibrated through these applications (except obviously for Microsoft Surface which runs under Windows 10 and has a USB port). When you leave this app which is only used to view your photos, you no longer benefit from the calibration !!!! and what about the final result on the appearance of your photos ? Let's look at all this now...



Which devices can be calibrated ?

Samsung GalaxyToday (summer 2018), you can calibrate many smartphones and other tablets if they run on iOS or Android.
I invite you to visit the software or application site to perform this check below.

Special case : the Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Book ! Indeed, these hybrids, half tablets and half laptops work under Windows 10 and have at least one USB plug to connect your colorimeter. They can therefore be calibrated like a "classic" screen or a laptop. That's not the least of their advantage !


Which application for which device ?

To calibrate your device, you will need to download the X-Rite ColorTrue app :


Download the ColorTrue app for iOS or Android !

The ColorTrue app (iOS and Android), is free to download because you need an X-Rite colorimeter to calibrate your device - Download ColorTrue 1.0.4 (may 2018)  




Which colorimeter for which application ?

Essential ! The app is free because it can only work if you have already purchased a compatible calibration tool for your display. It is therefore an additional "free" service. In 2018, there is only one app left : ColorTRUE at X-Rite.

All X-Rite calibration colorimeters are compatible :

  • ColorMunki Smile
  • ColorMunki Display
  • i1Display Pro
  • i1Photo Pro II
  Technical specifications :  
  ColorTRUE Average price : Free !
All X-Rite colorimeters
ColorTrue 1.0.4 (may 2018) iOS + Android
  Color Temperature 3 choices (D55, D65 and Natif)
Ambient light
Yes, 5 possibilities
Choice of printing profile

To be remembered !

But first of all, I would like to invite you more than warmly to calibrate your iMac or iMac Retina display, whatever you use it for, because it is finally possible easily since 2011. They are then very beautiful, especially the last Retina.

 You can choose from four models even if I have a slight preference for X-Rite colorimeters : Colormunki Display and i1Display Pro

 The iMac panel (since 2011) is very beautiful after calibration with X-Rite colorimeters : no tone breaks, really progressive grayscale, nice color temperature, nice contrast but smaller gamut than with an EIZO display of equivalent range for example. The latest iMac Retina is now really perfect for color reproduction. There are still the reflections, always and again...

 The difference between Datacolor and X-Rite colorimeters is much smaller than in the past.

Through these 5 pages of advice and my 6 complete colorimeter tests I will help you to properly calibrate your desktop or laptop screens, your iMac or your tablets...
- Why calibrate your monitor ?
- How to calibrate your monitor ?
- Special case : the iMac / iMac Pro
- Special case : laptops
- Special case : tablets and smartphones - 5/5
  - Calibrate a monitor with or without colorimeter ?
- To be remembered...


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Calibrate your monitor with the
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