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2018 monitor Buying Guide

2018 Monitors buying guide
Updated on November 06, 2018


On this page of this 2018 buying guide you will find my selection of monitors and screens for photo retouching or video editing at first or mid-range prices... sometimes with nice surprises. In this price range, the tiles often do not display the colours with precision or homogeneity, but I try tirelessly to find yours...

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How to choose your monitor : 7 pages



My favorite under $200! | Under $200.00

In this new school year 2018, I recommend this new favorite with a 23.8 inch display that I know by heart because it has no major defects despite its price but the finish and especially the ergonomics are at the top - Plan a budget of $200.


Dell P2419H - New !


My new favorite under $200 because no major defects and a great finish/ergonomy - Read my full review  



My 24-inch selection | From $250

End of 2018, you still have to spend $860 to buy the first 24-inch EIZO for photographers and retouchers who want to work in high-quality Adobe RGB 98 - the Eizo CS2420 - but BenQ has just thrown a pound into the ground with its new BenQ SW240 at "only" $399. It's not as perfect and as long as time - where Eizo has proven its worth - but the price/quality ratio becomes unbeatable! Budget: less than $860.


BenQ SW240 New 2018 !


Not Eizo who wants but very good value for money.... if you come across a good copy! - Read my full review  


Eizo CS2420


My favorite 24 inch even if it is a little more expensive than the BenQ. Super-precise colours, homogeneity and 5-year warranty - Read my full review  




My selection of 25 inches wqhd | Under $500

The 25-inch WQHD (2560 x 1440) offers an interesting alternative to those who want a high pixel density but without the disadvantages of the 4K. I invite you to read my page of advice on switching to 4K... Budget : under $240.


Dell U2518D


The colors are very good by default and that's good because it doesn't calibrate well - Read my full review


Dell UP2516D


Adobe RGB 98 color space for photographers - Read customer reviews on  




My sélection of 27 inches | From $1,200

Frankly, the BenQ, if you fall on a homogeneous slab would have its place in the top of the range but only here it is... The Eizo suffers from fierce Internet and external competition, while its colours are very beautiful for an office screen. Budget: less than $1,200


BenQ SW2700PT


Quelle dommage que sa dalle soit souvent si peu homogène car pour les couleurs, BenQ sait faire ! - Lire mon test complet  


Eizo CS2730


My favorite 27 inch even if it's a little more expensive than the BenQ. Super-precise colours, homogeneity and 5-year guarantee - Read my full review  




My sélection of 32 inches | From $1,700

I always thought that 30 or 32 inches were the ideal sizes to display the WQHD or, better still, the 4K because the texts keep an easy to read size at 70 cm! Budget: less than $1,700.


Eizo EV3237 - 4K


My favorite 32''' 4K because it offers an excellent price/quality ratio. Precise colours (sRGB), correct homogeneity and 5-year guarantee - Read my full review  

This guide to buying photo or video monitors is the result of a long selection process, either because I was able to test the monitor - 13 reviews to date - or by analyzing the feedback I receive from emails. Have a good purchase!

- My favorite under $200 !
- 24 inches
- 25 inches Dell WQHD
- 27 inches
- 32 inches

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